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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Henderson City-County GIS (KY) launched in 2008 with 100 layers of data; now there are 600 and the system is used countywide. The server is sluggish and plans are in place for an update to it and the user experience. In the meantime users across the region sing its praises. 

Property Valuation Administrator Howard Moran said cooperation among various governmental players has been a key factor in the system’s success. “The time savings of GIS is just spectacular,” for his office personnel, but also for people wanting to get information about a particular piece of property. “We have cut our automobile mileage nearly in half.”

- Evansville Courier and Press

Thanks to a $70,000 grant from the state Local Government Efficiency Program, the Development Authority of the North Country [New York State] will hire a consultant to complete a regional feasibility study to find ways for municipalities and agencies to share GIS, or geographic information system, mapping resources....

Orthophoto maps that provide detailed aerial views, for example, are created differently by agencies, and that process could be streamlined and made more consistent. When the improvements are made, GIS analysts who work for the agencies should be able to do their work more efficiently.

The RFP is expected in March, with a completed report slated for the fall of 2013.

- Watertown Daily Times

Sacramento has long recognized the benefit of an organized, official volunteer program, which it runs under the general budget of human resources. In an IT capacity, volunteers are regularly brought in to assist with an ongoing GIS program, in IT support/help desk roles and with special projects, such as software code development and website design.

That's from an informative artilce about using volunteers in local government. Worth a read.

- GovTech

by Adena Schutzberg on 02/05 at 04:14 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

It turns out that much of Montana's public lands is not accessible because the only access point that's public is the adjoining corner of a second public parcel. So, can hunters and fisherman step over that corner into the second parcel? As the law now reads, no. But Rep. Ellie Boldman Hill, D-Missoula has a bill to allow such crossings. It was tabled last week by the House Judiciary Committee, but she plans to reintroduce it with hunters and fishermen at her side. Those groups, from all over the state, suppor the bill. Landowners are not as interested. One reason the bill can come under consideration: the widespread use of GIS and data about property ownership.

With today’s GPS technology, Hill said, it’s possible for people to find the corners of the properties and step across.

Among those on the oppsing side are the bills other sponsor, a Republican. Rep. Krayton Kerns, R-Laurel is concerned precident has been set based on who controls the airspace above the parcels.

In particular, Kerns pointed to a 1926 Montana Supreme Court ruling that showed a trespass occurred after a man fired a shotgun over his neighbor’s property.

“What this issue boils down to in my mind is who owns the air space over the land,” Kerns said.


by Adena Schutzberg on 02/05 at 04:02 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Business Insider is not at all happy with the mapping app delivered with the new Blackberry devices/operating system.

Among the things missing:

No street view or satellite view.No public transit directions. 

No way to look up news and reviews of venues based on Yelp, Zagat, or a similar service.

It has problems finding lesser-known venues like mom and pop stores and restaurants. (Although if you search for popular stuff like "McDonald's" or "The Empire State Building" you won't have a problem.)

You can only look up directions between your current location and the place you'd like to go. You can't look up two different addresses and find directions between them.

The interface is difficult to figure out.

What's the tech? TCS for backend and TomTom for data.

- Business Insider via reader Kevin (who I guess is a BlackBerry guy!)

by Adena Schutzberg on 02/05 at 03:58 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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