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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waze is working with car manufacturers (won't say which) on putting its app right into cars rolling out later this year. The business model: to sell location-based ads. Chief Executive Officer Noam Bardin is not worried about Apple (which did announce which manufacturers will integrate a Siri button in its cars) nor did he comment on Waze licensing data to Apple.

- Bloomberg Blog

TomTom now offers its Map Share updates to all of its devices. Do people really want to update their datasets every day? Note that the udpates are of a more temporary nature: speed limit changes, new name for road, etc. More substantial ones like a new road still come out quarterly fully vetted from TomTom. I wonder if pressure from waze pushed this change? GPS Biz News suggests TomTom is trying to increase dropping participation in the Map Share program.

- press release

A new film, People Like Us opens Friday (June 29). It's website has some unusual content, something not usually done.

Then there is something else — an interactive “People Like Us Locations Map” displaying locations of the various restaurants and businesses featured in the DreamWorks Pictures/Reliance Entertainment film. Visitors can see photos of houses and neighborhoods where the characters lived, ate tacos, watched the sunset, bought groceries and even did their laundry. They are invited to share the map with friends on Facebook.

Here's the map:

- The Republic

by Adena Schutzberg on 06/28 at 05:42 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

The Virtual Center for Spatial Humanities, a multi-disciplinary collaboration among Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Florida State University and West Virginia University, is hosting an advanced institute in spatial narratives and deep maps. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, this two-week intensive institute brings leading scholars from around the world to explore how deep maps can support relevant issues in spatial humanities.

It runs end of June through July, but those not in attendence can follow the discussions via the institute blog.

Welcome to the conference website for GIS & Spatial Thinking in the Undergraduate Curriculum! GIS holds enormous potential for undergraduate education across the curriculum, but harnessing that potential is challenging. This conference will provide an opportunity to share ideas, and explore challenges and emerging opportunities. We expect the conference to be a problem-solving workshop allowing faculty from various disciplines to share tools, methods and resources for integrating GIS and spatial analysis into their work and GIS/IT staff to learn about the discipline-specific spatial needs and goals of faculty.

Nov 16-18 2012 at Bucknell in Lewisburg, PA. Paper submission by Sept 14.

- details via Diana Sinton who is doing a keynote paired with Anne Knowles; my PSU classmate Jeremy Crampton also has a keynote spot

The UVA Scholars Lab took out their DIY balloon camera rig to document the resignation (she's now reinstated) of the university president.

The Lawn is the center of Mr. Jefferson’s historic Academical Village at theUniversity of Virginia.  We took our Scholars’ Lab DIY aerial photography equipment to the Lawn on Sunday afternoon as part of the University Library’s effort to document the events surrounding President Sullivan’s resignation.

Some very nice pics - and interesting patterns.

- UVA Scholars Lab

by Adena Schutzberg on 06/28 at 05:32 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

The big news for the new Google Earth for Mobie (aka Android) 7.0 (iOS coming soon):

- 3D fly throughs

- Tour Guide - "We’ve put together short tours of thousands of famous places and historical sites across the globe so it’s easier than ever to discover amazing places." 

- Google Lat Long Blog

And for new Google Maps:

- off line mode

Google Lat Long Blog

The Verge reports that Microsoft has added European mall maps to Bing Maps. Commenters note they've been there for a few months.

As a result [of Nokia's work], there's now 2,700 Venue Maps available across the world.

All the new Venue Maps are available at and there's even a directory with country listings for all the malls and venues supported in this latest updated [sic].

- The Verge

- Bing Maps Blog

by Adena Schutzberg on 06/28 at 04:22 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

In a piece in GITA's News Hub, Bob Samborski, Executive Director, lays out the near future of the organization.

The transition of GITA to an all volunteer organization officially begins at the close of business Friday, June 29, 2012. The following Monday, the association will enter a new phase of its existence, one that will be marked by a focus on virtual, on-line education and less of a dependence on resource-heavy conferences. 
What does this mean for GITA members?
  • You will continue to receive the GITA News Hub without interruption.
  • Existing memberships in GITA will continue and individuals will be contacted at the time of their next renewal.
  • GITA is reaching out to each of its current chapters to determine how each of these local organizations can move forward. Any currently active chapter can continue to operate as usual under the auspices of GITA's non-profit status.
  • Options for realigning GITA's administrative and IT infrastructure in a cost-effective way are being researched. Because the current staff of GITA will end full–time employment on Friday, normal communication channels (phone calls and emails) will be changed.
  • More information about the transition will be made available in the near future in the News Hub and on the GITA website.
It is important for everyone to know that GITA will continue to function as a professional, non-profit educational association. The Board of Directors will continue to explore new ways to add value to GITA membership and consider options for managing potential future educational events. More content and learning will become available online. And, as the association transitions to a volunteer-driven organization, active participation from our members in GITA activities will be sought. 
He goes on to note he will no longer be employed by GITA as of Friday but will continue in a volunteer capacity.
by Adena Schutzberg on 06/28 at 03:22 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Update 7/2: Esri requested I not use an acronym for ArcGIS Online for Organizations, so I've replaced the one I used with its full name.

Esri’s Answers

Here are just some of the ways Esri describes ArcGIS Online for Organizations, all quoted from Esri provided content.

(1) ArcGIS Online gives you an easy-to-use and intuitive workspace for collaborating with others in your organization.

(2)  With a subscription to ArcGIS Online, you can quickly create interactive maps and custom apps, then publish and share them in Esri's secure cloud.

(3) ArcGIS Online for organizations now available—Organizations can manage all of their geographic content in Esri's secure, cloud-based environment. Organizations can publish their hosted services to ArcGIS Online, manage maps, apps, and data, and customize their ArcGIS Online homepage.

(4) Now, with Esri's new ArcGIS Online subscription, organizations will have the ability to store, manage and host their mapping services in Esri's cloud and easily publish their geographic content using cloud services. 

(5) Esri, the global leader in geographic information systems (GIS), today officially released ArcGIS Online for organizations, a groundbreaking service that offers expanded collaboration tools for cataloging, visualizing, and sharing geospatial information.

"ArcGIS Online is a new cloud-based mapping system for organizations that is essentially changing how GIS managers, as well as IT managers, think about mapping and GIS," said Jack Dangermond, president, Esri. "ArcGIS Online works with all types of data and is built on a powerful enterprise mapping platform that lets users simply manage their geospatial content, such as data, maps, images, applications, and other geographic information."

It’s no wonder there’s some confusion about whether it’s a service or a platform or a content management system or a collaboration tool or a combination of these things! After spending some weeks pondering how to think about ArcGIS Online for Organizations I found a model that works for me.

Adena’s Answer: ArcGIS Online for Organizations is Your Company’s Intranet for GIS Professionals

Back in the mid 1990s I attended A/E/C Systems, the big CAD trade show. It was the year of the Internet for that industry and Keith Bentley of Bentley Systems gave some specific advice about how CAD-using companies should jump right in. The first thing companies should do, he suggested, is put the employee handbook online. He was thinking of the value of a company intranet.

That’s what ArcGIS Online for Organizations is really about! It’s a cloud hosted platform for a GIS intranet for an organization. While some employees need access to the entire company intranet, others do not. My sense is that the ArcGIS Online for Organizations part would be accessible to just the GIS professionals in an organization.

What would they do there? GIS work: uploading data, making maps, making apps, publishing and consuming services... Some would tap into the internal portal to tap services hosted their via ArcGIS Desktop or other Esri clients. In short, they’d do things that require a solid familiarity with both GIS and the organization. 

So ArcGIS Online for Organizations is not for the C-level executives or the citizens of a county? No, not directly. Still, end-users of maps and apps will benefit from the organization’s implementation. Here’s how: Some proportion (or maybe all) of the people who have a login to ArcGIS Online for Organizations would develop the maps, apps and other tools the CIO or citizen might need. Those maps, apps and tools would appear not just on the password protected ArcGIS Online for Organizations, but also be embedded in websites (internal or external) to serve the more “viewer-y” type of GIS consumer. (I’m thinking of that old “do-er, user, viewer” pyramid of GIS users.)

Thought of another way, ArcGIS Online for Organizations is the new modern version of the organization’s "GIS backroom" where all the technical people did their work between the 1990s and 2011s. Back then they were hidden away in a basement or off a long corridor. Today, the much larger group is hidden away (and protected by) a log in and password to ArcGIS Online for Organizations.

ArcGIS Online for Organizations Links

by Adena Schutzberg on 06/28 at 03:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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