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Monday, May 07, 2012

Fearsquare takes your recent FourSquare check-ins and cross-references these with the UK Police Crime Statistics database. Showing you street level crime for each individual check-in.
Or in detail:

The FearSquare application takes a list of your ten most recent FourSquare check-ins and cross-references these with the UK Police Crime Statistics database. In this way, we can show people how many crimes were committed, during a recent one-month period, in the locations where they checked-in.

via +Marshall Kirkpatrick

by Adena Schutzberg on 05/07 at 05:18 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Update: Friday Facebook announced it would acquire Glancee and its 20,000 current users. Per RWW "Glancee is a smartphone app that tells you when people with similar interests are in the same location as you."

- Glancee


--- original post 3/6/12 ----

The hot LBS apps per DigitalTrends? HIghlight and Glancee, two passive "find nearby people of interest" apps.

There’s a new trend set to emerge at this year’s SXSW know as “ambient social networking.” At the helm of this burgeoning trend is the budding two-person startup, Highlight, headed by founder and CEO, Paul Davison.

While in the past, Foursquare and Gowalla were the location-based apps that made headlines, the latest innovation a is new breed that sits on your phone and runs silently behind the scenes. 

- DigitalTrends

I'm not sure if the timing of this announcement is related to SXSW but it might be. Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai is leaving to do something new.

- C|net

LocalScope has a SXSW update:

Its been an exciting weekend for us here at Cynapse. We released an update for Localscope - v2.1 with new features, improvements, fixes and more. Further terrific news is that Apple has yet again chosen Localscope as one of their favorite apps on the App Store Staff Favorites section! Its an awesome feeling of accomplishment each time, inspiring us in our endeavors of consistently improving Localscope smile
v2.1 introduces an Interactive Full Screen Map view with pinch, zoom and pan functionality to get a quick bird's eyeview of a point of interest and its surroundings. Localscope now leverages the iOS5 Twitter integration enabling a smoother experience for users to share locations. We've also added support for the Turkish language. We now support 20 languages and are proud to reach out to such a diverse set of audience across the globe.
- via e-mail
by Adena Schutzberg on 05/07 at 04:39 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Teaching high school stduents and elementary students about GPS and having them use it to make maps is not a new idea. What is new in Urbana, IL is that the older students are teaching the younger ones. And, both groups are English as a second language students and the teaching and learning is occurring in English. My head spins considering how much learning could be going on in these hands on sessions.

- News Gazette

West Potomac High School students from Frances Coffey’s Advanced Placement Human Geography class were treated to a visit from Cathi Hoefler and Steven Keating from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency recently. Hoefler and Keating discussed the importance of using data to better predict and respond to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the 2011 earthquake off the coast of Japan and tsunami.

- Connection Newspapers

California State University, Fresno's Division of Continuing and Global Education has just announced a new online certificate program focusing on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a field that uses digital technology to manage, map, analyze and display spatial information.

Classes in the 12 credit sequence begin in August. It's Esri-based (included in tuition).

- press release

by Adena Schutzberg on 05/07 at 03:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

I've been on the The Huffington Post Media Group's case for some time. The group owns and runs both the Patch series of online local news sites and MapQuest. However, until today all illustrative maps I've seen for stories have been created using Google Maps. I even pinged one editor about it. He noted:

When I originally set out to create the map, I wanted to make it a heat map. As someone with limited programming skills, I was looking for a simple way to make a heat map. Through some brief research, I learned that Google Fusion Tables could be used to make a heat map. Even though the heat map didn't turn out as I'd hoped, I already had input my data into Google Fusion Tables, and thus ended up using a Google-based map.

I'm pleased to say that I found my first MapQuest Map Mashup in the wild on May 4. A Branford, CT Patch article discusses an open space celebration in the town and includes a simple point map. 

Will similar MapQuest maps appear in other Patch outlets? I hope so!

- Branford Patch

by Adena Schutzberg on 05/07 at 03:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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Catching geospatial news that others miss. Delivered daily.

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