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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Steve, who founded OpenStreetMap and just recently left Cloudmade, will be Principal Architect at Bing Mobile based in Seattle.

And, there’s good news for OSM, too: “Microsoft is donating access to it’s [sic] global orthorectified aerial imagery to help OpenStreetMappers make the map even better than it already is. “

- Steve’s Blog via @gletham
- Bing Map blog post

PS. You might want to register for our first Directions OnPoint Webcast with Steve, set for Dec 3. Attendees are expected and invited to ask questions in this interactive session.

by Adena Schutzberg on 11/23 at 11:38 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

First this from Ed Katibah:

We have just released the first public beta (Community Technology Preview - CTP) for the next major release of SQL Server, code-named “Denali”.  This beta, CTP1, contains a number of new spatial features.  You can read more about this on my”>blog post which references a new white paper on the topic and the location to download the new server.

And second this from MS PR:

The trip to the in-laws for Thanksgiving promises to be a crowded one with about 42.2 million people traveling at least 50 miles from home, according to the American Automobile Association. That’s an increase of 11% from last year, when about 37.9 million Americans traveled during the holiday. Traveling alone is no easy task; traveling with a family is a recipe for madness and frenzy. While Bing can’t guarantee shorter security lines or no flight delays, they can guarantee stress-free parking at the airport. With Bing Maps Parking Finder App you can not only locate and calculate the price of parking, you can now guarantee a spot will be waiting for you up on arrival with Parking Finder reservations.
Try it today to ease the stress, and get you to the family celebration sooner:

by Adena Schutzberg on 11/23 at 07:47 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

The City of Regina (Canada) managers in the roadways and public works divisions said the use of GPS led to a 100 per cent repair record for the year. Yep, all the potholes got patched thanks to GPS in the trucks, says the article. Correlation or causation?


New York City’s NYCityMap, DoITT and its GIS Director Colin Reilly get some love from Government Technology. Back end? Geoserver.

- Government Technology

“It’s not what you see in TomTom. It’s our data, which is much, much more accurate. They’re also able to create data themselves. So if they’re in the field and a hydrant doesn’t work, they can click on it and put a note that says this hydrant isn’t working.” That’s Centre County’s GIS (Geographical Information System) director, Nick Barger. I like that he said TomTom and not Google Maps. And, I like that he knows that the best data is local. The article is in fact about the Geospatial Revolution project; The Centre Daily Times is the local paper in State College, PA. State College is in Centre County.

- Centre Daily Times

Mike Kay, the Frederick County forester for the Department of Natural Resources is working in the Green Ridge State Forest in Maryland to inventory the trees. The goal: certifying the forest as sustainable to make its wood more salable. A key tool: GIS.

- Frederick News-Post

Arlington, TX updated its online mapping site, which is now more accessible for those who don’t know how to manipulate layers,  per Tom Konzel who did the update. It’s ArcGIS + Silverlight. What’s interesting is that both the old ArcIMS site (accessible via this page) and the new one are online, so you can compare the two. I might use that in my lessons on user interfaces this winter.

The Silverlight site has a transparency slider that shifts between zoning, aerial and flood zone backgrounds. That will likely be new to many users. And, I wonder if folks will know that some of those details are only available when zoomed in? At the default scale, the pure aerial view is pure white.

I had a bit of trouble getting the find address tool to work since you can’t type in an address, you must pick it from the drop down (which seemed to be slow to appear). When the address is found it immediately zooms you in, so any context you had is gone. But local facilities to the address are listed - like libraries and the services the offer. Oddly the icons for those services including the twitter “T” for ESL tutoring and the RSS feed logo for wireless. The labels when you slide from zoning to floodmap are different - and often in different places. I guess it was not possible to use the same ones for both.

I could find no help tool, either.

- Star Telegram

If you are city that wants to take a fresh look at how it deals with regular old city problems, consider applying to participate in the Code for America 2012 City Program. Leaders from cities selected will work with coders to tackle one area of concern. Deadline: March 1 2011.

- details
- announcement blog post

After some pressure from the EPA the Illinois EPA is putting together a GIS to better manage confined animal feeding operations, or CAFOs.

“The long-term plan is to develop a GIS (geographic information system)-based program,” that will be available to EPA staff throughout the state, he said. For example, if a citizen complaint was called in, the EPA would be able to type in a farm, watershed or township name and see what facilities are there, complete with recent aerial photos of the site, according to [Bruce] Yurdin [Yurdin, Illinois EPA’s manager of field operations in the division of water-pollution control].

- News Gazette

by Adena Schutzberg on 11/23 at 07:07 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share


The Open Map Caucasus (OMC) is finishing up its maps of Georgia (the country) and will make them available on several platforms, early next year. Per Jeff Haack, OMC country director:

We’re planning to send our maps to Google very soon. They will import them into Google’s MapMaker platform, and then gradually they should be pushed into Google Maps. We’ll also be importing our data into the OpenStreetMap project by the end of the year. There are numerous applications for accessing OpenStreetMap on mobile devices, most easily on the iPhone or Android devices, and this will most definitely help visitors to Georgia find their way around…



Nokia will launch a comprehensive navigational map of Pakistan with its accurate street-to-street images and information in national and local languages, Imran Mehmood General Manager Nokia Pakistan said. These maps will be made available at Ovi Maps by end next year.

- ProPakistani


Esri Australia is building Connect Maps, an online application will be used by government agency VicRoads to measure what areas of roading need maintaining. It goes live on Dec 7 and will initially be used by those managing bidding for the Australian state.

- Techworld Australia


200 participants from around the Pacific region are attending the 2010 Pacific Islands Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Conference with the theme: “You can not manage what you don’t map.”

- Radio Fiji


With parliamentary elections set of this coming weekend, there’s a been a tightening of sorts in Egypt. To help insure things run smoothly and fairly, a team will use Ushahidi to track reports of irregularities. “The website, which means “you are a witness,” will plot reports of election irregularities on an interactive map of Egypt. Citizens can submit reports via text message, Twitter, or e-mail, along with photo or video verification. The effort’s organizers hope it will push regular citizens toward political participation.”

- CS Monitor

by Adena Schutzberg on 11/23 at 06:21 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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Catching geospatial news that others miss. Delivered daily.

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