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Friday, May 28, 2010

MDA Information Systems, Inc. has named Herb Satterlee to the position Chief Executive Officer of the Geospatial Division.

The name should be familiar: he served as Chairman and CEO of DigitalGlobe, and oversaw the launch of QuickBird 2 and won the NGA NextView contract. He also was President and CEO for Resource 21 and created an entire new line of information products for the agriculture market. He’s currently on the board of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation.

- SatNews (nothing on MDA sites, weird)

by Adena Schutzberg on 05/28 at 08:24 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

According to Business Insider, last week at Silicon Alley Insider’s Startup 2010 conference, Major League Baseball Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman announced an upgrade to the popular At Bat 2010 app—one that allows mobile users to track games live via audio and video, among other bells and whistles.

Functionality called “At the Ballpark” will be added and will utilize geolocation. Fans will be able to check in at ballparks to possibly receive access to exclusive content such as a replay of a “bang-bang play at second base,” Bowman said at the conference. The app also will allow a user to communicate with other fans in the stadium, adding a social-networking component.


Last week, ESPN announced it would be getting in the geolocation-phone-application game with ESPN Passport, in which users can check into games, write about their experience, post pictures and share their game-day scrapbook with friends on Facebook and other social-media platforms.

The check-ins with GPS location verification, comments and pictures will be aggregated to, where a Web version of Passport has been live for about two years, and can be used to create a story from the fan’s perspective. The ESPN Passport app is free to download and scheduled to launch in time for the World Cup in June.


by Adena Schutzberg on 05/28 at 08:15 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

That’s a new deadline and it applies to airlines, private jet operators and other aircraft owners who fly in commercial airspace or in congested areas.

The cost for a private plane could be up to $10,000, while airlines are looking at millions to billions of dollars.

The tech: “The equipment required under Thursday’s order would broadcast a plane’s exact position in the sky to both ground controllers and to every other plane in the sky. Eventually, planes will be required to carry equipment that allows them to receive positioning signals from other aircraft, as well as from satellites and ground stations.

- USA Today

by Adena Schutzberg on 05/28 at 07:49 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

The State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China will issue the first batch of licenses to Chinese Internet map service providers in June 2010 according to a representative. Companies without licenses by year end will prosecuted.

The goal appears to be to allow only Chinese-owned businesses to host such maps, thus making things more difficult for foreign owned players. Those organizations will likely need explicit permission to use government-sanctioned maps.

- China Tech News

by Adena Schutzberg on 05/28 at 07:43 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
by Adena Schutzberg on 05/28 at 07:39 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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