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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) is launching a content marketplace or what might be called Data as a Service (DaaS) for geospatial information. PBBI will partner with WeoGeo to make geospatial content more accessible and to use a SaaS business model as a delivery mechanism for users. WeoGeo will help establish the marketplace as well as a reseller of its content.

-via Mark Smith, Ventana Research

by Joe Francica on 05/12 at 11:32 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

MapInfo Stratus is PBBI’s solution for sharing corporate data in a SaaS environment. The objective of this platform is to expose or publish more enterprise-wide data stores to more users more quickly. It’s in beta currently and PBBI has an early adopter program where users can take software in cloud environment and "try it" before going and releasing an application to the enterprise (Currently Dick’s Sporting Goods and Pepperidge Farm are beta testing Stratus).

Some of the advantages of deploying Stratus include the ability to embed custom mapping in websites along with business data, rapidly build and deploy customer mapping tools or widgets for specific business problems (e.g. risk analysis, customer collaboration), and to embed location intelligence with other applications such as a CRM system.

For the developer, Status’ is really a set of JavaScript controls that work within the MapInfo Developer environment and which also leverage OpenLayers. Some of the controls provided with Stratus include maps, address search, find nearest, query, print, and edit.

by Joe Francica on 05/12 at 11:15 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Pitney Bowes Business Insight president Mike Hickey, who at last year’s Insights Conference pronounced that the move to cloud computing was real, made a firm commitment this year in terms of product strategy. He is challenging his development team to produce ten solutions that will be provided as a software as a service (SaaS) within the next 12 months. Understanding that businesses want to move away from licensed software in order to reduce their fixed expenses, Hickey believes that SaaS presents an extremely cost effective alternative and he wants to get there fast.

One new solution offered as a SaaS solution: SMART Marketer (SMART is an acronym for Simplified marketing, advertising, reporting and tracking). This solution is targeted at small to medium sized businesses that want to combine a number of direct marketing tasks to fulfill a limited but effective direct mail campaign. It combines some of the basic technologies from PBBI such as document management, geocoding, and demographic target marketing into a single workflow. In the end, the business owner (such as a small "mom and pop" retailer) has a customized postcard that is mailed to their clients and prospects.

Continue reading...

by Joe Francica on 05/12 at 10:55 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) announced details about the next generation of development tools that will eventually replace MapXtreme Java. The new platform is called MapInfo Developer. Here are the basics:

  • In terms of policy, if a user is on maintenance for MapXtreme Java, users can use the same license for MapInfo Developer
  • PBBI is targeting 2012 to stop supporting MapXtreme Java
  • PBBI is looking to create an MWF converter to ease the migration
  • MapXtreme.NET is going great; very feature rich and will continue to support and get patch out by end of year with another significant feature release in 2011; MapInfo Developer will not replace MapXtreme.NET
  • The plan is to serve both the Java world and Microsoft world
  • The "naming" of MapInfo Developer is based on trying to save the MapInfo moniker and perhaps may be confusing to some because MapInfo Developer does not have the "Java" term associated with it.

And what are the features?
  • Support off the shelf Development Tools
    • Java classes can be easily consumed in a java IDE and compliant WSDL can be consume by virtually any EDI
  • Support for Multiple Programmatic Interfaces
    • In process Java. REST, WSDL, and OGC interface
    • Local or remote calls have same syntax
  • Familiar Table based Programming Model
    • Developers can perform spatial analysis directly on a table
  • Enhanced data provider model
    • Developers can choose to do the spatial processing within MapInfo Developer
  • Support of MapInfo SQL (MI-SQL)
    • PBBI is offering a SQL-based development language called MapInfo SQL
    • MapInfo SQL is based on SQL syntax and is derived from OGC
    • Simple Features Interface Standard (SFS) SQL and SQL/MM Standards
  • Support for MWS Read and Write
    • PBBI’s next generation metadata file format is MapInfo Workspace (MWS)
    • MapInfo Pro becomes a workspace manager for MapInfo Developer
  • Support for Open Standards through OGC Compliance
    • WMS, WFS, and Catalog Service for Web (CSW); CSW is the interface that makes it possible to explore web based data sources
  • Advancing Web Mapping through Map Tiling (see demo)
    • Access many different data sources
    • Create a series of dynamic data but use Google/Bing as backdrop
    • Provide additional analytics by accessing true geometry that is provided with MapInfo Developer
    • Continued support of map tiling, Ajax, Silverlight, and flash client technology and consistent REST API
  • Content Management
    • Content repository means administrators can have multiple views onto as a single set of resources for one or many MapInfo Developer instances. Repository can be any database or simply use Jackrabbit
by Joe Francica on 05/12 at 10:01 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) unveiled a product strategy that offers solutions for professionals, software developers and the average business user.

  • For the Professional: MapInfo Professional 10.5 is the next release of the product (see details via the pre-conference teasers)
  • For the Software Developer: MapInfo Developer - this is first release of a development platform that supports common, off-the-shelf development tools including and is designed to replace MapXtreme Java (see more details)
  • For the User: MapInfo Stratus is SaaS solution for simple mapping applications to share data with constituents both inside and outside of large organizations.
by Joe Francica on 05/12 at 09:43 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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