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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Syndicated sports radio commentator, Jim Rome, known for his "clones" in the "jungle" had this to say about Google on today’s program: "Google, what a great company…I love Google Maps…" but then added this caveat…"Google Earth…is either the coolest or creepiest thing ever." Enough said. I guess from Rome’s perspective it depends on whose house you are looking down on.

by Joe Francica on 10/09 at 01:43 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

It’s actually called the ArcGIS Server Live User Sites, but it’s basically a gallery of site built using that technology.  A quick trip through the first few revealed:

- Most look and perform well on Safari on a Mac
- Some are quite slow, while others are speedy
- They all look unique and customized for purpose (hooray!)
- They all look different and have a variety of widgets so you need to study each one to determine, for example, how to zoom in (boo)
- At lease one used Flex

One suggestion for ESRI: How about blurb for each as to why they chose ArcGIS Server. What exactly was it they needed to do that it enabled? Said another way, some of these sites’ functions existed in the past without ArcGIS Server. What was the impetus to move to Server vs a simpler Web Mapping solution?

via Twitter

by Adena Schutzberg on 10/09 at 06:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

We are going to be bantering around the words "structured" and "unstructured" data more frequently than in the past and while at the MetaCarta Public User’s Group Meeting today I wondered how many readers are familiar with the terms. Obviously, many are who are regular readers of APB and our more technical articles at Directions Magazine. But let’s be really clear and basic about the definitions:

Continue reading...

by Joe Francica on 10/09 at 06:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

I had the opportunity to attend MetaCarta’s Public Sector User Group meeting today. Directions has covered MetaCarta’s technology for several years and in order to adequately extract at least one nugget of new information about the company’s technology, an example is the best way to illustrate it.

One of the key applications realized by public safety organizations is the ability to link bits of news, police reports in this example, to geographic trends and deduce anticipated results. The North Texas Fusion Centers (NTFC) distills this kind of information for emergency management and natural disasters in addition to crime analysis. And so, at various times, it becomes necessary to temporarily close the border with Mexico for 24 hours, according to Bob Warren of MetaCarta. Crime and incident reports are logged during and after the closure. When the border is opened again, authorities find there is a drop in crime, followed by an increase in crime. These text-based reports are assimilated using MetaCarta’s Georeferencing engine whereby the location of each report is extracted and displayed on a map. The result is the recognition of a ripple effect of crime across the state. Crime is noted to occur along the interstate corridors leading to Dallas from the border that reach the city within about three days. The analysis: Cross border weapons movement seems to converge on Dallas and might not have been detected without visualizing this movement of crime along these geographic corridors. So, by geotagging reports, police are able to see how crime travels.

Also, just last week we discussed how MetaCarta’s technology will be unbundled and licensed differently than in the past with the objective of creating a larger audience for their products. Likewise, we held a webinar in the summer that more fully examines their technology.

[Disclosure: MetaCarta paid for travel and expenses to attend their meeting.]

by Joe Francica on 10/09 at 06:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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