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Friday, March 11, 2005

Oracle held its first Oracle Spatial Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting in Denver yesterday. The meeting was ostensibly about getting together the users from North America to form a SIG like many other such user’s groups. But from my perspective, the presentations by key Oracle personnel were aimed squarely at blowing the doors open on their strategy to more aggressively attack the enterprise computing market with location technology. Previously, I had written that Oracle could smother other GIS vendors because of the technology being built into Oracle Spatial (LRS, topology, geocoding, GeoRaster datatype). Oracle has always said they did not want to compete with the GIS vendors and wanted them as partners. I think that’s true. But Oracle seems to view GIS as a minor information toolset when compared to the potential of geospatially-enabling, well, everything else, from traditional markets to non-traditional ones like life sciences. So, given the future intentions of how Oracle wants to attack global information markets with location-based solutions (Business Intelligence, web services, mobility, etc.) there was a little more than a line in the sand being drawn…more like a canyon. The line was not drawn between Oracle and ESRI or MapInfo or Autodesk, but between IBM, Microsoft, and SAP; companies that are far behind the geospatial database curve, in particular in terms of marketing their location-enabling functionality. This was a wake up call to those companies and a clarion call to systems integrators like Accenture, BearingPoint, and KPMG to tout the strengths and opportunities that Oracle is positioned to develop and to join them on their side of the canyon rim. More on this later…

by Joe Francica on 03/11 at 03:46 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

If you didnТt get enough coverage of GITA from Directions Magazine, hereТs a taste of how the УregularФ press covered it. It includes a brief history of GITA. I had no idea its predecessor AM/FM International was started by folks from Public Service Co. Colorado. Mostly though, the Denver Post covered Jack Dangermond and ESRI and cited Autodesk, Intergraph and Oracle as competitors. (I usually put MapInfo and Microsoft on that list.)

by Adena Schutzberg on 03/11 at 07:10 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Bentley reports that its BE Meeting held in Prague last week hosted more than 350 to discuss Bentley geospatial solutions. That seems like a rather small number, even considering the meeting was focused narrowly on geospatial. To follow up on the event the company has launched a series of У3E-GovernmentФ seminars. WhatТs 3E? УEngineer | Enable | EmpowerФ if thatТs not enough marketing, Bentley uses this tag, УItТs a new way of looking at government information.Ф Attendees to the four hour session receive a free one year license of PowerMap. The first four are in March Ц 2 in Florida, one in Denver and one in Atlanta. Bentley has some interesting technology; I fear it gets mired in marketing sometimes. 


by Adena Schutzberg on 03/11 at 07:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Richard pointed out an odd Direct TV advertisement where a fellow is flying a satellite like a two-line stunt kite. Never mind that heТs using the chinzy handles that come with cheap kites and seems to be yanked about the satellite suggesting perhaps he doesnТt know what heТs doing. (I know a bit about stunt kite flying.) The scary part is that it does help people understand how satellite work or heaven forbid suggests thereТs wind in outerspace. I guess the goal is to tap into the extreme sports fad.

by Adena Schutzberg on 03/11 at 07:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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