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Thursday, July 27, 2006

NAVTEQ (NVT) and Garmin (GRMN) were hammered today by jittery investors when NAVTEQ failed to show income growth for the quarter. I link the two because intrinsically, they are. NAVTEQ supplies the data; Garmin sells to the end user. NAVTEQ missed income numbers because CEO Judson Green said the automotive market was down. And if car sales are down, then Garmin gets punched because of the aftermarket units they sell for in vehicle navigation. NAVTEQ’s stock plummeted 21% while Garmin got tagged for a roughly 6% decline. Garmin stockholders just a approved a 2 for 1 stock split for holders as of August 2.

But there was good news for this sector as Trimble (TRMB) reported a 20% rise in revenue. Trimble’s president Steve Berglund cited success in the construction and mobile workforce markets. I may be biased but my money is on this sector for the long term (in full disclosure I hold stock in two of these companies). This is a temporary dip and there’s no denying the long term potential for location-enabled applications by all of these companies.

by Joe Francica on 07/27 at 02:12 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Daratech issued a press release today that reports on the market leaders for GIS saying that, "the two largest players, ESRI and Intergraph, together account for nearly half of the total software revenue." At the same time, Bentley Systems issued a press release saying they were the #2 GIS software provider and quoted the same study by Daratech. OK…who really is the #2? Last year, Bentley issue a report that said they had revenues of about $300 Million in 2004 but did not break out how much of that could be attributed to geospatial solutions. Intergraph, in 2005, generated $409 Million from the Security, Government and Infrastructure divison, where the bulk of the geospatial technology is marketed. Given that information, something seems amiss in how Bentley is touting their status which said its #2 position was reported by Daratech. But, of course, if you want to see the numbers you need to spend $7K to get the Daratech report. Daratech has been contacted for clarification and we will report their answer as soon as we have it.

The newswires were filled with information today about public companies. Intergraph released second quarter numbers today stating that they increased revenue 5.1% over the second quarter 2005 on revenues of $291.8 million. This is good news for the company whose stock has sagged about 30% since the beginning of the year. MapInfo is expected to release quarterly numbers today as well.

by Joe Francica on 07/27 at 01:17 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

The Rolla Daily News details the saga of the NGTOC selection yet again. Here’s the “new to me” info:

Dr. Chip Groat, a former USGS director who left his job earlier in the summer for a position at the University of Texas at Austin, said he didn’t understand the decision to relocate the USGS to Denver.

It’s unclear how many USGS employees have already left the center or arranged for new jobs in anticipation of the center’s closing, but Wainman said that there will be no terminations from either center during this period.

So here’s my question: If many folks have already left Rolla, how well can the Center compete? Is the center not at a disadvantage to say Denver, where I guess no one felt pushed to leave in the last nine months?

by Adena Schutzberg on 07/27 at 12:42 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

This would be the first I’ve seen of this idea to help lost hikers and mountain bikers. In Highland Recreation Area, which covers 5,903 acres in Highland and White Lake townships in Michigan the plan is to put up signs with lat/lons for the lost to report when they call in for help.

The fire department is working with park officials to set up reflective signs marked with global positioning system (GPS) coordinates at various points along the trails. The signs will allow those lost in the park to provide an extremely accurate location to emergency responders. Crunk said the department hopes to begin installing the signs this year.

I guss it’s sort of the equivalent of motorist call boxes on the highway, but you must bring your own phone…or map…or GPS and know how to use it.

by Adena Schutzberg on 07/27 at 07:51 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Greenpeace France has been told by a French court to remove a map from its website that shows the location of genetically modified (GMO) maize fields. The court says that only experimental field locations must be made public. Greenpeace will likely move the map to an internation website and maintains that EU laws state that all GMO field locations be made public. That legislation has not yet been adopted by the French government.

About half of all GMO test fields in France are destroyed each year.

Here’s Greenpeace’s response.

So today we have responded by carving a giant ‘X’ crop circle into one of the GE maize fields in question, marking the spot of the GE maize field that is now censored from Greenpeace Frances’ webpage.

via Reuters

by Adena Schutzberg on 07/27 at 07:42 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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Catching geospatial news that others miss. Delivered daily.

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