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Monday, February 06, 2006

Today’s the day that the Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales will be questioned by a Republican-led (Sen. Arlen Specter) hearing on domestic spying. President Bush has claimed that as C-in-C he has authority to perform warrantless wiretaps, read emails and intercept other messages. This authority supercedes a specific law set up to require warrants, known as the FISA law.

The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, yesterday estimated around 5,000 Americans have been listened in on, for a total of “hundreds of thousands” of messages.

For both geosurveillance advocates and civil rights proponents, these hearings will hopefully shed light on the government’s activities. If the President’s authority holds up, perhaps we can expect to see future use of these activities from either President H. Clinton or President J. McCain, as the case may be.

Live hearings video here.

Live blogging by a First amendment lawyer here.

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by Adena Schutzberg on 02/06 at 09:52 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I’ve posted a summary, including remarks from one of the twenty-five people at the meeting held on Saturday in Chicago, over at Directions Magazine. I’ll add my voice to those impressed with how well the meeting was run, and what was accomplished. Full steam ahead for OsGeo!

by Adena Schutzberg on 02/05 at 03:16 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

GeoMullah (who I do not know) shares his take on the ESRI Federal User Conference in his blog. Thanks for sharing!

Definitely worth reading; I’ll highlight these bits:

Ed Parsons and Ordinance Survey will find this flattering; Jack Dangermond, owner of ESRI, noted that he had just visited OS and that they have a wonderfully working national GIS.

Former Senator Bob Kerry, president of the New School in New York City, did have some interesting things to say. One was that “they’ll stop using Google Maps for their visualization research projects and definitely use ESRI products.” This sounded like a paid advertisement.

[Response efforts to Hurricane Katrina, with]... coordinated efforts could have save over $12 million if we coordinated search efforts, producing the same information, and had just collaborated more.

by Adena Schutzberg on 02/05 at 02:00 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

Friday, February 03, 2006

I was suprised to find no one blogging about the goings on at the event, but found an interesting post from David Smith where he shared some of what MetaCarta is up to, among other things.

They have a few new tools in the works for their DOD and Intel customers, including an analyst function that includes customizable alert features via e-mail and other notifications, as well as RSS feeds, to provide instant updates when a match of specific geographic and keyword parameters is made- they also have several other new things out and in the process of coming out.

I think that path is quite interesting. Geospatial technology is as much in the information delivery business as we in the media are.

Challenge to MetaCarta - are you using GeoRSS?

by Adena Schutzberg on 02/03 at 01:25 PM | Comments | Bookmark and Share

StarChase of Virginia is providing the devices which are to be installed in the grills of police cars. When a suspect begins to flee in the vehicle an officer can “shoot” a small GPS (LA Daily News) that will ideally “stick” (sticky compound encases it) to it and send out location information. The idea is that such tracking will decrease injuries to all parties involved in high speed chases, including the public. No details on price or how well the devices works at speed; all tests to date have been on stationary vehicles. (Huh?)

More detail in this LA Times article.

by Adena Schutzberg on 02/03 at 09:07 AM | Comments | Bookmark and Share
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